Can you mix modern or boho decor with farmhouse?

Warm, cozy, relaxing, and simple are just a few words that
describe farmhouse décor. It is reminiscent of a simpler time. When people used
to hear “farmhouse”, they thought more of country kitsch, knick-knacks like cow
bells and dried greenery. Thanks to Joanna Gains from “Fixer Upper”, it has
gained wide popularity and has become many people’s chosen style. When
creating a space using farmhouse style, you want to combine new and old to
avoid it having a country kitsch feel.

There are so many ways to decorate a home with farmhouse style.
There is Modern farmhouse, which has the clean feel of contemporary, yet
the warm elements of farmhouse. Using neutral colors is what defines it -however,
you can add bold colors to it. Galvanized steel and wood are some of the
materials and textures used to achieve modern farmhouse style.

Boho farmhouse style is another super popular design
choice, which is farmhouse with bohemian vibes. Bohemian décor is all about the
bright colors while classic farmhouse uses more neutrals, giving off a warm and
relaxing feeling. However, you can blend the two styles together by toning down
the bright colors. Adding boho patterns in warm tones and lots of texture
will help achieve that look. Macramé is a popular boho farmhouse design
choice, as it mixes textile with wood. With wooden beads, a wooden dowel rod
and your choice of textile (linen, cotton, leather…) you can easily
create your own macramé.

Any style of Farmhouse décor is in line with nature, making wood
the perfect material for creating that farmhouse look. For example, you
can use wooden beads and a dowel to create a beautiful macramé to hang above
the sofa. You can also bead a wooden garland to place on the mantel. Another
great item to use for creating your own décor is paint sticks. They can be
easily spaced on a wooden plaque to create a shiplap look and embellished with
a wooden initial. You can also use paint sticks to create a wooden crate
for holding flowers. Simple wooden paddles make for a charming farmhouse
kitchen décor piece. Including wood in your design is a must for creating that
perfect farmhouse style. 

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