March 13, 2019


3 Benefits of Woodcrafts for Children

Wood crafting is the method of creating intricate objects from wood for decoration or other purposes. Through wood crafts, one can create anything from pen stands to decorative coffee tables, which is why wood crafting is considered an excellent way to develop the skills and creativity of a person. It is especially the case with […]

Home Décor

Things to Consider while Choosing Staircase Spindles

Spindles offer beauty to staircases, in addition to their basic function of providing support to the hand railings. However, there are a few important things to consider while selecting wood spindles for your staircase. Below is a brief look at the factors that play a key role in determining whether the type of wood spindles […]

Reuse and Repurpose

Ideas for Reusing Wooden Spools at Home

Wooden spools serve many important uses in woodcraft and artistry. Although they are meant to be used for coiling up anything from sewing threads to underground telephone cables, wooden spools also have many other uses besides coiling threads and cables. Wooden spools can be reused for a variety of purposes at homes like as a […]


Why are Wooden Toys Better than Plastic Toys

You might have wondered why wooden toys are a better gift option for children than plastic toys. For one, wooden toys are safer when compared to plastic toys. It is a fact that plastic toys can break easily and can leave sharp and nasty edges that can injure the child. Wooden toys, on the other […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Important Uses and Applications of Wooden Dowels

Wooden dowels are small cylindrical rods of wood, which are mostly used in ensuring the alignment and fastening of the pieces in any kind of construction. It is commonly employed in many woodworking projects for securing the parts together.It is seen that wooden dowels are often underused and are even discarded along with other leftovers […]


How Can Wooden Blocks Improve Spatial Intelligence in Children

Wooden blocks and toys can change the way children think, as building projects can stimulate creativity and sharpen their skills. One of the important skills in children that can be sharpened by wooden blocks is their spatial skill.Spatial intelligence is important for many tasks, but is often neglected at schools. However, many experiments prove that […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Key Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Dowel

Wooden dowels serve many important uses that range from construction projects to improving home décor. Most woodworking projects also utilize dowels for effectively fastening the parts together, and this is why dowels are sold on many woodcraft shops on the web these days.</p>Selecting the appropriate wooden dowels for your use can be a bit difficult […]

Home Décor

Tips to Buy High Quality Wood Furniture

Buying wooden furniture can be tricky if you do not know what to look for in the furniture. If you want the best deal, you will need to have an idea about the types of wooden furniture and the important things to look for while shopping for wooden furniture. The following tips will help you […]

Factors to Consider When Buying Wooden Candle Holders

Wooden candle holders of different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors are available aplenty in the market. Each of them has been efficiently designed to show off the candle and the light it produces in an elegant way. In fact, wood candle holders are an excellent and lovely way to display different types of natural candles […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Some Advantages of Using Dowel Joints

Dowel joints are used to attach two pieces of wood and make use of a wooden pin or dowel to connect the two pieces. It is very easy to make a dowel joint – all you need to do is carve holes in both pieces of wood where the dowel fits in. If you have […]