3 Creative Home Projects Using Wooden Dowels

Many creative things are possible using wooden dowels. Besides serving alongside woodworking projects, dowels can be easily retrofitted into various items intended for homes. They are available in hardware stores in different sizes, are cheaper and an essential component of any Do-It-Yourself home projects.

Made from quality wood, dowels have more durability making them ideal for supporting weights. This feature of wooden dowels is useful when considering them to hang any weights or use as a support as in the case of a shelf. It is easy to use wooden dowels to convert the existing furniture or upholstery, or make new ones with added flexibility and appeal. Below are three creative home projects to do using wooden dowels.

Retrofitting a Bookcase

A creative way of using wooden dowels is to use them to retrofit a bookcase. By affixing dowels into any of the upper or lower open spaces of the bookcase, it can be used to wrap gift papers or other craft supplies. This will make it easier for dispensing gift papers and other craft supplies as they are rolled onto the dowels.

In fact, this can transform a bookcase and make it more functional while also expanding its storage capabilities. For this, measure and cut out a ¾-inch dowel making it half an inch shorter than the interior width of the cabinet.

Reed Cabinet and Shelf Doors

Fixing numerous vertical dowels to the open portions of cabinet and shelf door can offer a facelift to the furniture. This can provide the cabinet or shelf with a unique theme and the equally spaced dowels will allow sufficient exchange of air.

It is easier to fix the dowels into the cabinet or shelf doors and can be done measuring and cutting the pieces according to the area. Besides, it offers further design possibilities as you can paint the wooden dowels in different colors.

Making Pendant Lights

The dowels can be easily used to make a hanging pendant light, which can be used in the living room of your home. It only requires many dowels that need to be measured and cut in accordance with the dimensions of the box shape being planned.

Just nail the wood dowels together to form a box and cover it with any translucent paper. This will filter down the light through the shade and will softly illuminate any space.