3 Types of Woods to Make Wooden Shelves

If you are planning to build a new wood shelf, then the first and most important thing you should do is to decide where you would be placing these shelves. Let us assume that you have already decided where to place them; now, it is the time to determine how you want to use them. This will enable you to identify the right type of wood for your needs.

For instance, homeowners who are planning to design a new wooden shelf to display the light ornaments in their house should be more concerned about the color and design of the wood instead of its strength. On the other hand, homeowners who wish to use the wooden shelf for the sole purpose of storing heavy objects, such as home appliances or bundles of books, should choose wood with greater strength and stability.

Some of the most common types of woods that are used to make wooden shelves are as follows.


One of the most popular and affordable softwoods available to users in the market, Pine is relatively easy to stain, paint, and use for any woodworking project. This makes Pine wood an ideal choice for users who are beginning to learn how to design wooden shelves and other wood crafts. Nevertheless, if you are planning to store heavy objects on your newly designed wood shelf, then it is best not to settle for Pine. This is because most of the Pine woods dent or bend easily.


Another excellent wood choice for people who love to design and make their own wood shelves is plywood. Plywood is actually a type of manufactured wood that is available in a wide variety of grades. However, it is crucial to note that the appearance and smoothness of the knots in different grades of plywood may significantly vary. So, you will have to do a little bit of research to identify the right type of plywood for your needs. Moreover, plywood is also inexpensive and relatively strong, which makes it one of best wood choices for making shelves.


Even though Cherry is a type of hardwood, it is extremely lightweight and relatively a lot easier to use than other types of hardwoods. The warm, rich, and reddish appearance of this hardwood makes it one of the most loved choices of homeowners for making wooden shelves and cabinets. The unique color of Cherry wood gets darker and richer as time passes, which will in turn increase the appeal of your wooden shelf as it ages.

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