5 Creative Uses of Wooden Cutting Board

Wood is a basic material and is available in plenty that it is constantly reinvented by artists and carpenters. Owing to this, there are many wooden crafts and structures, which are used in our day-to-day lives for routine activities as well as for aesthetic purposes.

A wooden cutting board is a beautiful wooden craft that most of the people use in their kitchen, but these boards can be used for other purposes creatively too, and thereby you can show off their beauty. Below are some cutting board uses that can change your perception on cutting boards.

Serving Platter

Wooden cutting boards can be used as beautiful serving platter as well as they can help in keeping all kind of potential mess off the tablecloth. Furthermore, they will make a great fruit and cheese platter. Besides, you can use the board to serve meat and you can carve it right in the middle of the table at family gatherings, all of which makes it an even better and cooler idea.

Trivet for Hot Dishes

Most of you may find it often difficult to keep your hot dishes on the tabletop as it may damage the surface. Even though you may get trivets in the market, you can make use of your wooden cutting boards in an emergency. In fact, smaller cutting boards are great for keeping your fresh out of the oven pans. However, avoid soaking your board in the dishwasher for a long time and drying it in heat, as it may damage the board.

Photo Backdrop

This idea is for those who look for a variety in home deacutecor. A wooden cutting board can replace the same-old photo frames and make a great backdrop for your photographs. Apart from that, you can show off your creativity here by mending the boards in different shapes and sizes, whereas the warm tones and patterns of the wooden board would complement the deacutecor without making the photo looking busy.

Art Easel

Most of you will be interested in arts and crafts  this idea is for those people who love creativity and are enthusiastic about trying out new things. Having said that, you can use a wooden cutting board creatively to create an easel beautifully at low cost. You just need a pair of an oversized clip to hold your paintings and a chair to set it on.

Cake Plate

You can use big sized wooden cutting boards to hold your oversized cakes that are hard to fit in other plates or trays. Apart from that, wooden boards also make great bases to build gingerbread houses. This means that you can try something creative in the kitchen as well.