​Acrylic: Your Go-To Paint for Unfinished Wood

Here at Woodpeckers Crafts, our creative team uses acrylics
for almost all the wood projects we paint. Acrylic paints are the best for painting wood
crafts, hands down! Here’s why:

1. More Color and Texture Options

Acrylic paints come in an incredibly wide range of colors – there are literally thousands to choose from. Because they are inexpensive, you can build up a really nice collection without breaking the bank. (a starter set costs less than $20) To bring your project up a
notch, choose from the various specialty textures and finishes available in acrylic paints, like pearlized or metallic. Acrylics are also flexible, and easy to alter using a  medium. You can thin the paint (just add water), thicken it (texture mediums), crackle it (you guessed it – crackle medium), or make it shimmer (use iridescent medium for that) just to name a few.

2. Smooth Painting Experience

Did you know that painting is proven to reduce stress levels? Acrylic paint has a cream-like consistency which flows well and is easy to brush, maximizing the relaxing, therapeutic experience of painting. The paint goes on smoothly and gives you good coverage, so when painting on quality wood, one layer is often enough. When you do want to layer the paint or add a design on top, it’s easy. Acrylic paint dries relatively quickly so you won’t need to wait a long time.

3. Safe, Fume-Free

Is crafting a family project in your home? Are you looking for supplies that are kid friendly? Anyone can paint with acrylics, even kids. The paint is non-toxic which means it releases no toxic fumes. In fact, it barely has an odor. This is one reason acrylic paint is a popular choice for schools, and for anyone painting with kids. Even when doing an adult project, it’s great to be able to use the paint without worrying about the kids and pets nearby (and your own safety!).

4. Less Mess!

As crafters, we know that crafting – especially painting – can get messy! The good news is, using acrylic paints keeps the mess to a minimum. First off, you don’t need a lot of supplies. Just a couple of brushes, a cup of water, the paints – and you’re ready to start. (Though you may first want to cover your surface with Kraft paper for a super easy cleanup.) Also, crafters grade acrylic paint comes in convenient bottles which you can paint straight out of. To clean paintbrushes, just wash them with water and the paint will slide right off! (Just make sure to do this before the paint dries. Once dry, it won’t wash out of brushes – or clothing.)

5. Beautiful Finished Product

Now for the rewarding, step-back-and-admire-your-work part! You’ll love the finished look of acrylic paint on wood. When dry, colors are vibrant, long lasting, and even mostly waterproof. Many crafts won’t need any sealer or varnish, as the acrylic paint is strong enough on its own. (Though we recommend varnishing for something you plan to keep outdoors.)

Planning to do some crafting or DIY home décor? Hosting a paint party? Choose from our wide variety of wooden cutouts and wooden shapes, stock up on some acrylic paints, and paint away!

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