Adding Burn Lines to Wood Turnings

Wood craft projects can be much interesting to children and kids. To add to the fun, this post shares some tips on adding a burn line to wood turnings. You may use a wire to add a burn line to wooden turning to make it more beautiful. You can use a burn line to emphasize the rim of a wooden vase or a goblet. These lines can be used to differentiate sizes of tatting bobbins or crochet hooks. Burn lines can be used to bring more attention to a design feature or to add detail to simple wood turning designs.

It is very easy to add burn lines to turnings. To add a burn line to a wood turning, you just need to cut a small groove on it making use of skew chisel. Below are the simple steps that you need to follow to add a burn line to wood turnings.


The first step is to make a small groove on the turning for the wire to fit in. You may use the point of a skew chisel to make small grooves at the end of the wood turning. It will be a good idea to make two small grooves.

Place a wire around the turning, fitting inside the groove that you made, so that the wire does not interfere with the tool rest or any other part of the lathe that you use.

Spin the wood turning with the wire inside the groove until you see smoke. You can find the burn line appearing on the woodturning. You may use both your hands to control the pressure applied by the wire on the wood.

Try to get a dark line without burning the wood excessively. Another idea is to make the first burn darker and heavier than the second one.

After making the first burn line, change the position of the wire to the second groove. You need to pull the wire to increase friction between the turning and the wire to make the wood to burn.

Repeat the steps on all wood turnings that you are planning to decorate with burn lines. After all the decoration works, you can sand and finish the turnings to have the perfect decoration that you were looking to have.

Above are the simple steps to add burn lines to wood turnings. These steps can offer you a beautiful result if done properly.

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