The Advantages of Using Plywood in Home Furnishings

While selecting furniture for a home, it is difficult to decide on the material and type of wood. Most of the wooden furniture available now comes in two varieties – solid wood and plywood furniture. Many homeowners and builders prefer plywood furniture in the interiors due to their many advantages. Since its introduction, plywood has always been a viable substitute for solid wood furniture and differs from it in various key properties. Below are some of the notable advantages of using plywood in home furnishings.

High Durability

Plywood is a highly strong and durable material that makes it a bit tougher than solid wood. The wood grain pattern of plywood is positioned in such a way that it has a uniform distribution of strength. This makes plywood stronger than solid wood, as solid wood does not have this uniformity. During the making of plywood, the grain pattern is altered in each of the layers that contribute to its increased strength. Besides, the strength of plywood can be increased by the application of veneers and phenolic adhesives, making it a durable engineered wood product.

Available in Large Sizes

The other major advantage of plywood is that it is available in large sizes. A standard plywood sheet comes in the dimensions of about 6 feet by 4 feet. This will allow professional carpenters to create furniture using single sheets and cut costs. The overall square foot coverage of plywood is also much larger, which allows plywood to be used to cover a large area without any gaps or imperfections, while also reducing the wastage.

Suitable for Interior and Exterior Furniture

Plywood has the upper hand over solid wood as it can be used to make both indoor and outdoor furniture. This is because plywood is available in various grades like the MR (Moisture Resistant) grade suited for interiors and the BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) grade for exteriors. Therefore, plywood is perfect for the living room or bedroom furniture as well as for exterior furniture in garden or patios.

Apart from that, plywood has the notable advantage of being highly economical when compared to solid wood. Using plywood incurs only minimal wastage, as each square inch of plywood is useful. Being a lighter material, it is also less costly to transport. Besides, plywood can also be mixed with other types of wood that can greatly enhance its strength while also proving economical in the end.

Using plywood is also an environmentally friendly choice when compared to opting for solid wood. Manufacturing plywood requires less wood than making solid wood. This will help the number of trees cut down for making furniture, thus conserving the environment.

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