Craft Ideas

Seashell Starfish: A Beautiful Beach-Themed Craft in 4 Steps

The seashell situation
It’s not for nothing that this beautiful summer cutout features seashells.

See, seashells hold a prominent place in our family’s crafting lore, which was probably the subliminal source for the craft idea.

Tips and Techniques

Wood Dowel Rods: Everything you need to know

Dowels or simple small wooden dowel pins or rods that are used to support shelves and to reinforce wood joints. These dowels are available in uniform and pre cut sizes to be readily used in carpentry, but they can also be bought as long rods that can be cut to the required length. Seeing as the […]

Tips and Techniques

​Acrylic: Your Go-To Paint for Unfinished Wood

Here at Woodpeckers Crafts, our creative team uses acrylics
for almost all the wood projects we paint. Acrylic paints are the best for painting wood
crafts, hands down! Here’s why:1. More Color and Texture OptionsAcrylic paints come in an incredibly wide range of colors –
there are literally thousands to choose from. Because they are
inexpensive, you can build […]