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What to do with Leftover Wood Beads – 9 Samples, 29 ideas

Personally, my favorite wooden beads activity is digging my hands into a boxful and letting them run between my fingers. But sensory stimulation aside, beads are lovely in so many projects.

Here are 29 cool projects that Woodpeckers customers have made with our unfinished beads.

Craft Ideas

Spooky Castle Craft with Crackle Paint Medium  

Been wondering how to use crackle with acrylic paint? Here’s an easy crackle paint Halloween craft idea for adults.

This castle did not start out as a spooky craft for Halloween.


It was designed to be a pretty, cheerful princess castle. When I took it home along with a stack of other cutouts, I had a definite picture in my head of what it would look like…

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Easy and Impressive Felafel Board

Amongst our busy-seasons To Do list, was a well deserved farewell party for one of our beloved employees (read: family members) here at Woodpeckers Crafts. We never like to say goodbye, but if we must – there will be a party. Or more specifically, a party board. If there’s anything we have plenty of, it’s beautiful wooden boards in different shapes and sizes!

And so, our planning began.


How to Set up Loose Parts Play with Wood Craft Parts

Discover how to set up loose parts play using appealing wooden parts that kids love to use.

So you know the benefits of loose parts play. You’re all psyched up to watch your little one become a creative thinker and problem solver. All you have to do now is set up a playstation that’ll naturally encourage open-ended play. Simple, right? Until you start asking yourself,

“What can I use for loose parts?”

Craft Ideas

Seashell Starfish: A Beautiful Beach-Themed Craft in 4 Steps

The seashell situation
It’s not for nothing that this beautiful summer cutout features seashells.

See, seashells hold a prominent place in our family’s crafting lore, which was probably the subliminal source for the craft idea.

Tips and Techniques

Wood Dowel Rods: Everything you need to know

Dowels or simple small wooden dowel pins or rods that are used to support shelves and to reinforce wood joints. These dowels are available in uniform and pre cut sizes to be readily used in carpentry, but they can also be bought as long rods that can be cut to the required length. Seeing as the […]