Craft Ideas

Glass-Like Ornament Craft

For this specific craft I really wanted something with a more rounded look, (like an actual ornament), but alas, working with wood cutouts I don’t have that luxury.

No matter, this is where a crafter’s touch kicks in!

Craft Ideas

DIY Vase Craft Using Wooden Rings, Pretty Pottery Style

“Floral decor. Make me floral decor!”
That was the request from a trend-conscious member of our creative team, last time I took home a batch of wooden products to play around with.

I happen to agree that wood and flowers are the perfect pair, (and I loved the results of our floral wreath project) so I said, “Okay Bayla, I will make you floral decor!”


Open-Ended Wooden Toys are Building Blocks of Creativity — Here’s Why

How long does a new toy last? It’s disproportionate.
Three weeks of your kid whining and cajoling and promising “I’ll be soooooo good.” Three days of you shopping around for the right fireman-firetruck-firehouse set at the right price.
After all that, you deserve at least three months of mileage out of the newest toy. But after a few hours (or a full day if you’re lucky), it trickles out.


DIY Easter Wreath Craft Idea that’s Beautiful, Unique & EASY

Renewing an old sample craft
Back in the infancy of Woodpeckers, my job sometimes included designing samples, and crafting them, and taking photos of them with my home camera. This lovely wreath idea was born in those good old-fashioned days 🙂

Craft Ideas

Cool Effects with Acrylic Paint on Wood – Easy DIY Ideas

Why settle for boring old flat paint when you can have triple the fun trying out different effects?

ALL acrylic paints are easy, smooth, quick-drying, and look good on wood (in short, our go-to paint for wood crafting).
But SOME acrylic paints are: glowy, glossy, extra-extra glossy, shiny, shimmery, pearly, iridescent, textured…. Are you salivating yet?

Craft Ideas

Lace & Paint Wooden Heart: A Cool & Easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Adults

My kids painted our front porch as a family project last spring (aka keep-everyone-from-driving each-other-crazy Covid project). The porch was fresh and neat and perfect… until I messed it up by spray painting this wooden heart. (I did spread huge plastics all over. I have no idea how the stains got there, really.)
I say it was worth it. My kids aren’t sure. Take a look at that breathtaking heart 👇… and tell me what you think :).  

Tips and Techniques

How to Cut a Groove in Plywood – No Fancy Tools Needed

I’m not sure when I started hoarding dried-up pens, but I do remember when I first got inspired to make a pallet-style craft. About a year ago I spotted an adorable clipboard photo holder at Hobby Lobby. It was made of wood slats, pallet-style, and I knew I wanted to replicate that pallet look on our plywood turkey cutout.

Home Décor

Can you mix modern or boho decor with farmhouse?

Warm, cozy, relaxing, and simple are just a few words that
describe farmhouse décor. It is reminiscent of a simpler time. When people used
to hear “farmhouse”, they thought more of country kitsch, knick-knacks like cow
bells and dried greenery. Thanks to Joanna Gains from “Fixer Upper”, it has
gained wide popularity and has become many people’s chosen style. […]


Wooden Baby Toys

Are wooden toys
safe?Wooden toys are
void of BPA and PVC, two chemicals commonly found in plastic toys. Wooden rings/loops and wooden beads are often used to make baby teethers because they are natural and
free of chemicals found in plastic. When making
your own wooden toys make sure it is well sanded to avoid splinters. To finish
them use a food […]