Craft Ideas

Easy Ways to Make Toys Out of Wood Blocks

Many of us like to gift wooden toys, as they are very reliable and sturdy. In addition, if the toys are made from untreated wood, it will have a pleasant smell and will provide a good surface for painting, which can be enjoyable to the child. However, you will need a workshop or at least […]

The Whys and Whats of Wood

3 Reasons Why Wooden Cutting Boards are Better than Plastic

A cutting board is an important tool needed in every kitchen. It serves the function of a stable base for cutting vegetables and fruits before they are cooked. Yet when choosing a cutting board, most people underestimate the role they play in preparing a healthy meal and the aesthetic value to the kitchen. Hence, they […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

How to Reinforce Plywood Joinery Using Dowel Jig and Edge Banding

Woodworkers use many techniques to lay a finish on the exposed trim edges on plywood. An easy method to try in minor woodworking projects at home is to conceal the plywood edges with an edge banding. This wood veneer shall be made into a flexible heat adhesive tape sized to fit in with a ¾-inch […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Professional Tips for Installing Wooden Plugs on Wood Railings

Wooden plugs are tapered, round pegs that can be used to conceal the countersunk hole used to join the wood. A professional woodworker installs the plug into the countersunk hole on the railing or at any place where screws are used to join wood. They will install the wood plug with glue aligning the wood […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

How to Efficiently Cover Wood Screws with Wooden Plugs

Woodscrews are a great option to assemble wood crafts and other projects. However, many of us may not like the screw heads to show in wood projects. To achieve this, you just need to counter bore the screw hole and make use of wooden plugs to cover up the screw heads.The look and finish depends […]

The Whys and Whats of Wood

What are the Benefits of Wooden Furniture

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the term “furniture” is wood. Even though technology has introduced many alternatives to wooden furniture, such as those made from aluminum, glass, plastic, and steel, wood has always remained the favorite furniture choice for many buyers.Wood is not only everlasting, but is also timeless. […]

Home Décor

How to Revamp Vintage Wooden Furniture at Home

Revamping the furniture at home is a process that you can do on your own with time in hand and proper planning. Depending on how long you plan to use the furniture, the revamp may take some time and incur pre-planning and preps.As a first step, scrap and sand the wood, so that you can […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

5 Common Types of Wood Joints

Woodcrafters and enthusiasts will be easily able to use different types of joints when they are working with wood. However, it is true that some of these joints might not work for some kind of wood craft projects.So, it is crucial to know a few things about the different wood joints and their benefits. This […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Replacing Wood Spindles on Mortise and Tenon Staircases

Wood craft forms a major part of a home’s interior. The upward steepness of a staircase in a colonial-style home, for instance, will give the impression of both height and space. However, broken or damaged wood spindles will interrupt the flow of the mortise and tenon staircases.You need to repair or replace the damaged wooden […]

Craft Ideas

How to Make Lettered Wood Blocks

Wooden blocks are great tools to offer decoration based on holiday themes and season, and can be good wood crafts idea for children as well as adults. They can also play a great role in enhancing room décor, and with a little creativity, you can use wood blocks to make interesting toys and centerpieces. Below […]