Benefits of Wood Screws over Nails and Clamps

Many of us like to use wood screws to join wood to wood. In fact, these screws have been the preferred way to fasten wood pieces for centuries. Different varieties of wood screws are available for softwood, hardwood, interior, and exterior applications. They are available in different lengths to use in delicate joints and are much easy to control. If you have a choice between nails and screws in your wood craft, it will be a wiser idea to use screws as they offer the following benefits.


As screws bury themselves in wood with threads, they are a good replacement for clamps. The threads of wood screws bite into the wood making torque between the screw head and the wood pieces that are joined. If there is a gap or warp in the wood that is not allowing the pieces to join together, wooden screws can help you pull the pieces together with force. Application of glue to the pieces before securing the screws will further help you have a permanent bond and the wood screws will act as a clamp holding the pieces together.


One of the major benefits of using wood screws is that they are removable. When repairing, restoring, or when you have realized that you made a mistake and need to go one step backward, wooden screws will allow you to remove them with ease and this option can prove priceless. Wooden furniture, deck, or any other wood working project can be dismantled easily if they are joined with wood screws.


Wood screws offer stronger bonds than nails. The shear strength of wood screws will make your wood working project superior. When compared to screws, nails can shear off or break easily; however, as screws have very good tensile strength, they will not loosen in the long run like nails. If for any reason, a screw became loose, it can be easily tightened back again. However, this is not possible with the nails.

Ease of Use

If you have used screws in your woodworking project, you will know that they are very easy to apply, as they have sharp tips that can penetrate the wood much more easily. In most of the projects, you will be able to use wood screws without drilling any pilot holes. In addition, using wood screws can also help you finish the project fast in comparison to nails.