Best Ways to Use Wooden Yard Decorations at Home

Decorating the yard is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home. Using wood pieces like cutouts, lumber, or logs are perfect for decorating the yard around the home. All it takes is that you rely on expert landscaping for properly positioning the wood yard decorations.

You have a great amount of choice for using wood decoration pieces in the yard, such as plywood cutouts or a fresh lumber from any wood craft supplies. Besides, you can use different types of wood such as redwood or cedar for making the yard decorations. You can even choose a wood depending on your aesthetic preference and the weather around.

There are many ways to use these wooden decorations around the yard of your home, and that would turn your ordinarily looking yard to something more beautiful and lively. Below are some ways to use wooden yard decorations at home.

Using Plywood Cutouts

Plywood cutouts are perfect for decorating the yard and are easier to install them on the premises. The cutouts can be easily cut and shaped into any design. You can cut them into any specific symbols, or if you have kids, you could shape the cutouts in the form of animals or words.

After the cutout is carved out, use a mix of colors to paint them so that they look more appealing. Use a wooden stake or plywood attached to a hinge for affixing the cutout firmly on the ground.

Carving Blocks of Wood

If you have large blocks of wood, you can easily carve them into different shapes of your choice. Wooden blocks carved into various shapes like mushrooms or totems can help in decorating the yard uniquely.

Note that carving out the desired shape requires some amount of skill and practice using specific woodworking tools such as chisels, knives, and hammers. When done, use a sandpaper to smoothen out the rough edges, so that the carved out shapes look glossy.

Using Bentwood

Bentwood is perfect if you wish to decorate your yard with benches, trellises, and arbors. Flexible branches such as those obtained from willow are useful for making garden furniture, trellis, and twig arbor. You can even use the wood and branches from other trees.

To ensure its flexibility, you need to soak the wood in water for a while which will soften the wood. You can then use several such branches for making it more stable when used in furniture or other decorations in your yard.

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