Different Types of Wood Used to Make Wooden Beads

Nowadays, the concept of jewelry based on expensive metals like gold or platinum is largely abandoned in favor of ornaments made of wood. There is a large diversity in the selection of wood used for making jewelry that gives each of them a unique color, pattern, and texture. Among the jewelry, wooden beads have always remained popular and are used for many other purposes besides making ornaments.

Sourced from natural wood, wooden beads undergo a process of cutting, turning and polishing before they are sold as finished products. They have the advantage of being much lighter than a gemstone bead, which makes it easier to add them to jewelry without creating additional weight. Besides, they are available in a range of different colors and patterns depending upon the type of wood. Described below are 5 different types of wood used to make beads.


Ebony refers to the different varieties of dark, black or dense hardwoods. They are commonly used to make wooden beads that are dark or brown in color. Ebony woods are known for their refined and tight wood grain that will shine well when polished. They are available in different mixes of dark brown and black shades with banded patterns making them suitable for making beads for use in jewelry.


Graywood is yet another type of wood used to make wooden beads. They are known for their distinctive shining smoking gray appearance. Graywood generally belongs to one specific type of wood, but timber that is gray in color also falls under the category of gray wood. Beads made from graywood are light and smooth making them ideal for including in jewelry.


Rosewood is yet another type of wood used for making beads. They are a hardwood and are noted for its pink and dark color used for creating a range of decorative ornaments. Beads made from rosewood are known for their hardness and loose wood grain along with their smooth surface. They are also available in light brown shades with circular and parallel patterns, which are useful for making beads.


Palmwood is obtained from different varieties of palm trees such as coconut and date palms. They are mostly used for making ethnic jewelry due to their signature gray and black markings on the surface. These markings give the beads made from palmwood a unique appearance. The wood is also lightweight, smooth, and textured for use in ornaments.


Bayong has been commonly used hardwood for making wooden beads. Besides beads, it is used for making various other types of jewelry due to its high durability. It has reddish brown color along with a nice wood grain pattern that adds to its appearance. The beads made from bayong are also shinier, thus making it perfect for use as jewelry.