DIY Easter Wreath Craft Idea that’s Beautiful, Unique & EASY

Renewing an old sample craft

Back in the infancy of Woodpeckers, my job sometimes included designing samples, and crafting them, and taking photos of them with my home camera. This lovely wreath idea was born in those good old-fashioned days 🙂

It began with little wooden wren eggs. 

These teeny things (slightly bigger than a pistachio) are commonly used as table scatter and vase fillers, but I figured, why can’t they go on a wreath?

I mean, our regular sized eggs could maybe also go on a wreath… if you’re insistent. But these cute “wren eggs” are really wreath worthy.

And so, on a wreath they went. Beautifully. (After I figured out how to get them to stick, that is.)

Why its a timeless idea

The boxes this project checks off:

  • Pretty
  • Artsy
  • Easy
  • Easter-y!

If those are the project points that speak to you… we should be friends ;). 

And here are the instructions 

What you need:

What to do:

1. Paint the eggs

Tiny oval things can be a tad hard to paint. My method: paint one thin layer all around, and after that dries, do another layer/ fill in wherever your fingerprints make smudges.

Another possible method that I haven’t yet tried (let me know how it goes if you do 🙂 mix the paint with a drop of water, dump it in a plastic container together with the eggs, and shake.

2. Wrap the ribbon

Wreath, bird, and eggs were easy – they just go together and have that Easter vibe. But it still needed that extra something. Yellow matches the bird, and bows make everything prettier, so yellow ribbon became the “something”. To add it, wrap the ribbon around the wreath, swirl style, and tie a bow at the top. This might have been step two, but it’s really the “finishing touch”!

3. Cue the glue

Glue the eggs around the wreath, evenly spaced. Glue gun works best for this, but be patient, because the wreath doesn’t really like the glue. (It took me more than one try… Wooden eggs and rustic wreaths don’t have so many glues in common! ) Add the bird on the top-side area, and tada! your wreath looks alive. I always like adding something with eyes 🙂

If you see this wreath hanging on a door near you, give a wave to a fellow craft-lover. And if you’re in New Jersey, come say hi!  

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