DIY Vase Craft Using Wooden Rings, Pretty Pottery Style

By: Renne

4 simple steps to this wooden ring craft, and you come out with a beautiful artsy vase!

Enjoy this video below showcasing how to create the project.

Where the vase craft idea started

“Floral decor. Make me floral decor!”

That was the request from a trend-conscious member of our creative team, last time I took home a batch of wooden products to play around with. 

I happen to agree that wood and flowers are the perfect pair, (and I loved the results of our floral wreath project) so I said, “Okay Bayla, I will make you floral decor!”

Truly DIY vase craft

When I set out to craft something that could hold these stunning dried flowers, I wanted something actually DIYable. A vase craft that…

→ is made of simple wood pieces

→ does not require too much painting

→ anyone can make with a little glue and a little paint and of course, WOOD

So I tried, and tinkered, and tossed around lots of different wood pieces, and the results speak for themselves!

Supplies Needed:

How to craft it:

1. Make a base

Start with the circle disc, laying it on a flat surface and putting on glue in a ring around the border.

2. Stack and glue

Stack a ring on top of the glue, add glue on top, stack another ring, and repeat until you reach the right height. (I used Aleene’s Fast Grab, which sets fast and doesn’t need to be held for long. It was also a good choice for this project because it doesn’t ooze out, like wood glue. Plus, my kids keep making off with my wood glue!)

3. Paint the pot

Paint after the glue sets, to give the whole vase a uniform coat. (I used terra-cotta paint because I had it in the house, and the vase’s ringed look suggested pottery. But any acrylic paint can work.)

4. Settle the petals

Arrange your choice of dried flowers – or any faux flowers – inside. Then proudly admire your arts and crafts vase that looks more like an artisanal masterpiece.

Bonus wooden ring craft

In the course of my vase crafting, I noticed that two rings glued together make a pretty napkin ring. Paint up to match your vase, put on the table with a long floral through it, and you have a set!

More vase craft ideas…

Besides toss rings, we tried lots of other things. We had fun stacking spools, beads, dowels… creating all kinds of funky flower containers. (Some of which were more successful than others…) So stay tuned for more fun ideas! Have your own creative vase craft? Please share it in the comments – but only if it includes wood!

4″ Toss-Ring


2″ Toss-Ring


1-1/2″ Toss-Ring


1-3/4″ Toss-Ring


4″ Circle Wooden Cutout, 1/4″ Thick


2″ Circle Cut Out-1/4″ Thick


1-1/2″ Circle Wooden Cut Out


1-3/4″ Wooden Circle Cut Out


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