DIY Wooden Cross-Stitch Flower Pot Centerpiece

Spring is almost here, and I am so excited for it! As a flower enthusiast and fan of vibrant Spring colors, I can’t wait to see all of the colorful flowers in the fields. In the meantime, I will focus on charming floral crafts I can make at home. Speaking of charming floral crafts, today I am so excited to partner with Woodpeckers Crafts to bring you a sweet and vintage-inspired flower craft for Spring: DIY Wooden Cross-Stitch Flower Pot Centerpiece.

Today we are combining Woodpeckers Crafts adorable flower cutouts and pot cutouts to create a charming DIY Wooden Cross-Stitch Flower Pot Centerpiece. I was inspired by my love for vintage and handmade with the faux cross-stitch pattern that is created using the paint. I believe it adds the perfect touch of whimsy and handmade charm to these flowers! You can use these centerpieces as part of a Spring tablescape, as a bookend, or in your Spring vignette!

Enjoy this video below showcasing how to create this project

Continue below for the step-by-step tutorial to create your own DIY Wooden Cross-Stitch Flower Pot Centerpiece for Spring!

To Make Your Own Wooden Cross-Stitch Flower Pot Centerpiece, you will need:

Paint the Wooden Flower and Pot Cutouts

Choose a color palette. When I am choosing colors for a project I like to find an inspiration photo and pull 3-5 colors from that image. Since I wanted this project to evoke the sense of Spring, my inspiration photo was an actual flower. 

Once you decide on a color palette, paint one coat of craft paint to the wooden flower and pot cutouts. Then let them dry!

Be sure to paint the sides of the wooden cutouts.

*You can add fun designs to your flower cutouts, but I do recommend keeping it simple as you will add the faux cross-stitch effect later. For the flower cutout, I painted the center a different color. 

Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat of craft paint to the wooden cutouts.

Let the wooden cutouts dry!

Apply the Faux Cross-Stitch Pattern to the Painted Wooden Cutouts

Once the paint is fully dry (in a contrasting color and with a very steady hand), use a very thin paintbrush to paint x’s onto the cutout to act as the cross-stitch pattern. 

You may use a ruler to make lines first so that your x’s are exact. Or, like me, you can freehand the faux cross stitches. However, you decide to do this, I recommend to just have fun and to not overthink it. It should be fun, and it should look handmade after all as that is the charm of cross-stitch!

Continue to add the x’s to the entire wooden cutout in a contrasting paint color.

Assemble the Wooden Flower Cutout and Pot

Use your favorite wooden craft glue to attach the flower cutout to the back of the wooden pot cutout. 

I used Beacon’s Fabri-Tac for this project. 

Then, bring the flower pot to life and glue a wooden block to the back so that the centerpiece will stand on its own. 

Wait for the glue to dry, then enjoy!

Display your Cross-Stitch Wooden Flower Pots

Place your custom, cross-stitch wooden flower pots on display in a Spring vignette for all to enjoy!

I believe crafting is more fun when we share our projects. Please email me at, or please tag me @thecountrypeony or #countrypeony to show me your beautiful, custom creations!

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