Some Advantages of Using Dowel Joints

Dowel joints are used to attach two pieces of wood and make use of a wooden pin or dowel to connect the two pieces. It is very easy to make a dowel joint – all you need to do is carve holes in both pieces of wood where the dowel fits in. If you have never used dowel joints in your woodcraft, you should think about using it the next time for the following reasons.

No Need for Hardware

Using dowel joints can help you eliminate using staples, nails, or screws in your wood working project. Wooden dowels are easily available at home improvement stores or you may order them online from the various suppliers of wooden parts.

These joints can help you avoid the potential injuries that can happen while working with hardware like nails, screws, or staples to connect the wooden pieces. In addition, using dowels can offer your wood working project a finished and professional look, as there will not be any nails or screws interrupting the grain pattern of the wood used in the project.

Easy to Assemble and Secure

After deciding on the size of the dowel joint, you need to drill holes on the wooden pieces to accommodate the wooden dowels. Make sure that the dowel pin will go inside the hole, and then slide the pin into the hole in one piece of wood, attaching the other piece of wood subsequently. This can be done by sliding the portion of dowel that protrudes out of the hole in the first piece of wood, into the hole in the second piece.

As the dowel runs inside the wooden parts, the resulting joint will be very strong. Experts even say that dowel joints are much stronger than the joints that are made using nails or glue.


Dowel joints are commonly used in simple right angle or flat joints, but they can also be used in joints that are more complex. You may also make joints that use many rows of dowels, commonly known as reinforced dowel joints.

Experts claim that reinforced dowel joints are much stronger than the home made tenon and mortise joints. This is the reason why dowel joints are used in furniture that makes use of wooden frames, such as cabinets and shelves. Using dowel joints will also ensure accuracy of the finished products.