Easy DIY Wooden Easter Egg Craft – Sharpie Art for All Ages!

I always knew colorful sharpies were fun (I actually keep a secret stash of them in my desk drawer), but who knew those simple permanent markers could make such lovely art?

Sarah, one of our graphic designers, shared her secrets so you can all try out some sharpie art.

And if you’ve been on the hunt for Easter egg crafts…

…this one is: 

family friendly (aka, easy enough for the kiddos, therapeutic for the adults) display worthy (comes out looking professional) and EASY.

What you need:

  • Eggs (5 sizes for you to pick favorites)
  • White paint & paint brush
  • Removable letter stickers OR cut out letters and 2-sided tape
  • And of course… thin-tip colorful sharpies!

What you do:

1. Paint your eggs white

Here’s the neat way to do it: paint one half at a time, plop the egg into an egg cup to dry, and then paint the other half. 

Recommended: Apply a second coat of paint to each half after it dries, so you have rich color vs. a sheer look.

2. Paste a letter on each egg

You can either use the removable sticker letters, or print out your own letters and stick them on with double sided tape. Just be sure whatever you do isn’t too sticky to come off. 

3. Connect the dots!

Choose a marker color, and start by outlining the letter with dots. Then peel off the sticker/paper letter, and keep dotting. To get the “halo” look, make the dots more sparse as you go farther from the letter.  

Tada – Sharpie art! 

Whichever way you crack the egg...

My favorite thing about this project is that it’s so customizable. You can…

🥚 Choose the letters you want in the font you want and colors you love 

🥚 Use this as an easy Easter craft for kids, teens, and even adults

🥚 Spell out the names of your party guests

🥚 Make it into a “hunt the eggs and unscramble the letters” game

Have fun dotting up all the eggs you need to spell out your secret Easter message. Have Easter craft ideas to share? I want to hear! (especially if they involve wooden eggs from woodpeckers 😉)

More Easter wood crafts from the Woodpeckers art room:

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All the eggs you need for Easter egg crafts:

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