Easy Ways to Make Toys Out of Wood Blocks

Many of us like to gift wooden toys, as they are very reliable and sturdy. In addition, if the toys are made from untreated wood, it will have a pleasant smell and will provide a good surface for painting, which can be enjoyable to the child. However, you will need a workshop or at least a hammer and a saw to make wooden toys on your own.

It is quite fun to make toys out of wood blocks. You can order wooden blocks from wood craft online stores and use them to make your own toys. Wood blocks are already cut in the factory and you just need to put them together to make the toys. You will not need any tools to make the toys, except using glue occasionally. Below are a few ideas you can try.

Make More Blocks

There can never be enough wooden blocks for your children. The little architects in them will crave for more blocks and you can make small changes to the blocks or paint them in different colors to give a new meaning to the wood blocks. You can paint blocks in rainbow colors, as it can be a beautiful addition to any set. Another idea is to cover the wooden blocks with reflecting sticker to make mirror blocks. These blocks can be much interesting to children.

You can make your child paint the block and inspire him to make different types of blocks. This will help to improve the creative and cognitive skills of the child. Another interesting thing is to paint the blocks in different patterns.

Block Puzzles

You can use wood blocks to make personalized toys, as they can be great gifts for children. A great idea is to use a family photo and make a photo puzzle for children. You can watch many online tutorials and videos that can help you to make wood block puzzles.

You can easily turn a bunch of blocks into a message of love. You can increase or decrease the number of blocks used in the puzzle to adjust the level of difficulty. An advantage of using wood blocks to make puzzles is that you can change the blocks easily to reuse them in another puzzle.

Blocks for the Nursery

Wood blocks are fun little toys for kids who love to fiddle with things. You can have different designs on different sides of the block to make a puzzle or make a set of alphabet blocks that can help the child study while playing. A wise idea is to paint the blocks and stick alphabets rather than trying to paint the letters. You may also make use of different textures, fabrics, and stickers to make texture blocks that can offer an experience of sensory play to children.