Easy and Impressive Felafel Board

Falafel Party Board

Somewhere deep in our busy-seasons To Do list, was a well-deserved farewell party for one of our beloved employees (read: family members) here at Woodpeckers Crafts. We never like to say goodbye, but if we must – there will be a party. Or more specifically, a party board. If there’s anything we have plenty of, it’s beautiful wooden boards in different shapes and sizes! 

And so, our planning began. 

What We Did:

We started with our rather excessive  30” circle cutout. An empty canvas if you will.  

Next we had to decide on the contents of the board, which was an easy “falafel!” here at HQ. It’s just something that goes over well with us Woodpeckers! That, and sushi. (I do wonder what other companies’ go-to party foods are… let me know below if you’ve got any insight!) 

We then moved on from the main food to the side dishes, which would be added to the board as well. We went with french fries, lots of fresh veggies, mini pitas, some israeli style salad, and a couple of dipping sauces.

While this idea was originally going to be only a Woodpeckers party, we unanimously agreed that this board must be blogged. 

Wood crafting is such a big wonderful world and is filled with endless possibilities. The best part of it though, is that with just a little creativity it can take you anywhere! Even to the kitchen!

What You Can Do:

So, if you’re woandering how Operation Falafel Board was executed, it was actually more methodical than you’d think. Here’s the rundown. 

Once you choose a board (which you can find many options for here), you may want to start with figuring out where everything is going before laying anything out. 

A good idea is to start with the bowls. Once you know where the bowls are going, you can work around them and they’ll always look well placed. 

Next you can lay out your main foods (meat, cheese, in our case, falafel). 

Continue adding the sides and embellishments from largest to smallest, or from most to least quantity. 

You will find a pattern as you go, and you can take it wherever you please! The main thing is to have a good time with it and to give it your best shot!

Pictured here is our very own, beloved falafel board! 

Hope this inspires you to think outside the box, get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

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