Home Decoration Tips to Try Out With Bean Pot Candle Holders

Bean pot candle cup is a type of wood candle holders used at home. Bean pot candle cup made of wood has a rustic feel – in fact, some have decorations on top that add to their appeal. Although these wooden candle holders are used to hold tea lights by modern homeowners, you can also do a lot with bean pot candle cups. Below is a compilation of home decoration tips to try out with the rustic-looking bean pot candle holders.

Crackle Some Paint

When painting the bean pot candle cup, match it as per the décor of the rooms. Paint the base coat at first with faux paint and then apply the glue evenly on the base coat. Wait for an hour or so for the paint to dry up. Then apply paint on the top coat of the bean pot candle cup as well. The more paint and glue you apply on the rustic art piece the more decorative it will look.

Put Tea Lights and Decorate

You can place white tapers or a tea light inside, based on the type of pot you use on tables, from the painted one to the rustic bean pot candle holders. Most homeowners use tea lights in bean pot candle cups on a table, whereas some use them as sconces. Place the candle holders on the dinner table, have some cards beside it and use flowers to decorate; it will surely lighten up the mood of the entire room.

Central Decorations

You can make the bean pot candle cup the center item on your private table. For that, make a stand at the central part of the table using a cake stand or something likewise. Place the painted candle cups on the stand, and in and around its base as well. Alternatively, use a long piece of driftwood and place the candle cups on formation as per the length of the table.

You can also remove the electric wires and light fixtures from the mantelpiece and use bean pot candle cups to hold candles on top of it. Arrange flowers or bigger candles near the candle cups, and put other decorations so that the mantelpiece looks stylish and elegant.