How to Design Wooden Wagon Wheels

If you are planning to design a new wooden wagon for your kids to play or to decorate your house, then you can either buy toy wooden wheels from a wood crafts supplies store or design wooden wheels on your own. Professional wood crafters always advise designing wooden wheels because it adds more beauty and elegance to the wooden wagon.

Even though plastic toy wheels might be suitable for your woodworking project, they can be quite expensive sometimes.So, designing wooden wheels on your own will not only make the wagon beautiful but also help you save a few dollars. Below are the simple steps to make wooden wagon wheels.

Measure the Wheels

The first and foremost thing you should do is determine how large the wooden wagon wheels need to be. Once you decide that, you will need to take a string piece that is a bit longer than the wooden wagon wheel, place it on the wood, and draw a circle by using a pencil.

Cut out the Wheel

You will now have to use a drill and make a hole on the marked out wheel. Try to make a slightly large hole, so that you can easily squeeze in the saw. Now, push the saws blade into the hole and carefully cut the circle from the wood piece with the help of a power tool like a jigsaw.

Complete the Wheel

Once you have cut the wheel out from the wood, sand it down to ensure that it has a smooth finish. You will also have to sand down the wheels edges to remove the roughness from the sides. Make sure that the wheel is still in a circular shape when you are performing this process.

Add the Axle

After you have completed polishing the wheel, proceed to add the axle. You will have to make another hole right in the wheels center in order to attach the axle. It is significant to note that the hole does not have to be much larger; all you now need to do is use a screw and then attach the wheel to the axle.

When done, paint the wheels in a slightly darker shade as that of the wagon to give the woodwork a rustic look. Thats it  your wooden wagon wheels are ready to roll!

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