How to Efficiently Cover Wood Screws with Wooden Plugs

Woodscrews are a great option to assemble wood crafts and other projects. However, many of us may not like the screw heads to show in wood projects. To achieve this, you just need to counter bore the screw hole and make use of wooden plugs to cover up the screw heads.

The look and finish depends much on the type of wooden plug that you use and the way you install it. For instance, most of the wooden plugs available in local stores are cut from the end of dowels making them absorb finish or stain like sponges. This can make the plug darker in long run and look awkward standing out from the other area. You can buy face grain wooden plugs from online stores, which can help you avoid the problems of staining.

You may be tempted to glue in the wooden plugs to the screw holes once you get them. However, you will need the plug to fit in the screw hole like a bottle cork, and for that, you should follow the below-given steps.

Select the plugs that are right for each hole. Make sure that the plug matches the color and grain pattern of the wood surrounding it.

Do not apply the glue directly to the plug. Instead, you can brush the glue on the sides of the screw hole and then tap the plug in place. Make sure that you do not apply much pressure on the plug, as it may bottom out. Keep in mind that you are looking to have a snug fit.

Do not worry if you find that the plug is sticking out of the work piece. You can saw the piece that is sticking out, but make sure to slip a piece of plastic laminate or poster board with a hole in it over the wooden plug. This will help you avoid scratching your work piece.

After removing the excess pieces of wooden plugs, you just need to sand the plugs with the surface of the work piece. You may use a block of wood and sandpaper to quickly sand the plugs.

These are the simple steps to cover wooden screws in projects with wooden plugs. Follow the steps carefully to get the best results without damaging or scratching the work piece.

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