How to Make Lettered Wood Blocks

Wooden blocks are great tools to offer decoration based on holiday themes and season, and can be good wood crafts idea for children as well as adults. They can also play a great role in enhancing room décor, and with a little creativity, you can use wood blocks to make interesting toys and centerpieces. Below are the simple steps to design lettered wooden blocks, which can be great toys for kids as well as decorate your room with a touch of art.


You will need the following things for the wood craft project.

Seven square wooden blocks

Sand paper or table sander

Craft paints

Foam paintbrushes

Alphabet stencils

You can get polished wood blocks and cubes online. However, if you are unable to find polished wood blocks, you can try finishing the surface of the block with sandpaper.

To start with the wood craft project, finish the surface of the wood blocks using a table sander or sand paper, if it is not polished already. Sanding the surface will ensure cleaning of the recently cut edges and removal of splinters. It is also a good idea to sand the edges and corners of the blocks, as it will offer soft looks to the blocks.

The next thing is to paint the blocks. You can paint the blocks in color scheme that suits your interests and color sense. Painting each block in a different color can be a good idea, as it can help add variety to the blocks. After painting the first coat, give some time for the paint to dry and apply two or three coats. This will help to ensure even coverage, as materials like wood can absorb a good amount of paint.

After the paint has dried completely, use the Alphabet stencil to paint letters on the blocks, following the below pattern.

Block 1 – H, E, Y, D

Block 2 – A, R, C, S

Block 3 – R, E, P, T

Block 4 – V, L, N, O

Block 5 – E, M, O, D

Block 6 – S, K, M, I

Block 7 – T, B, F, W

Do not use too much paint with the stencils, as it will make the paint to bleed beneath the stencil. Bleeding can result in blotchy letters and can ruin the complete project. You may also use readymade vinyl letters as an alternative to painting the letters.

When done, spray paint some clear gloss or matte paint on the blocks. This will ensure that the paint does not chip from the wood surface. That’s it! Now you have seven interesting and colorful lettered wood blocks that your kids can arrange to form words. You can also place these wooden blocks in your room to add a classic touch to the décor of your home.

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