How to Make Customized Wooden Gift Tags

Christmas is just around the corner and it is the time to give gifts to your friends and family. You can add a personal touch to the gifts by packing them in your own way. If you are interested in wood crafts, you can use wooden gift tags to make your gifts extra special. You can get some wood gift tags and customize them as per the below instructions to add a personal touch to the gifts.

Painting Wood Gift Tags

The best thing about painting wood gift tags is that it can be done in no time and by anyone. Besides, you do not have to be a seasoned wood craft pro to paint wood tags. Just buy some wooden gift tags from a nearby wood craft store or order them online. Then get some craft paint and a small brush to apply the paint. You can select the paint colors as per your wish.

When you start painting, it will be a good idea to sand the gift tags lightly as it would help you to apply the paint easily. Moreover, having varying patterns and colors would make the tags even more attractive. You can tape a portion of one of the tags and apply some bright paint on it. Allow the paint to dry for a few minutes and apply the second coat. You can then peel off the tape the tape while the paint is still wet and have your own custom pattern on it.

You can decorate the second gift tag with triangles. To make the triangle stamp, you can cut a piece of wine cork in the shape of a triangle and then dip an end of the stamp in craft paint. It will be a good idea to dab the stamp on a metal surface before stamping on the wooden tag, as it would help to avoid having too much paint on the tag.

You can start from the middle of the wooden tag and work your way out to have the design as you want. You can even flip the direction of the triangles alternatively to have an attractive design pattern on the wooden gift tag.

For the third tag, you can use the edge of a thick paper of suitable size as a stamp to apply the paint. Dip the stamp in paint and dab it on the tag to make lines. You can have a set of lines, say three lines, going in the horizontal direction and then another set going in the vertical direction to have a beautiful design on the tag.

When you are done with painting the tags in different colors and patterns, tie the three wood gift tags together and hang them on the wrap of your gift pack. You can even have a wooden tag with a personal message on it that would surely give more meaning to your gifts.