How to Make a Garland Using Wooden Beads

Most commonly, wooden beads are seen in prayer beads and are used to count and chant prayers. Yet small pieces of wood with a hole through the center can be used as a decoration too. In fact, the benefit of beads is that you can make anything from them, be it prayer beads, friendship bands, or even garlands.

To make garlands with the wooden beads, you will need to use plenty of larger beads, say, of up to 16 millimeters each. Get twine color beads or natural wooden beads from a wood craft store if you can; have scissors and scotch tapes too before you start.

Choose the matching twine thread as per the bead color. Wrap it around the hand 18 times over, cut off an end, and remove it from the bundle. Ensure that the twine pieces hang down from the bundles top and keep it aside. Cut another twine of 8 feet, string one end through until you get the required twine length, and fold the other end until it meets. This should give you a twine of 4 feet long with the bundle in the center.

Subsequently, cut the twine around 18 inches and form a neck by wrapping it around the top of the bundle. Wrap it many times over, tie the knot in the back and cut the loose ends on the twine.

Now, form the first tassels by cutting the loops at the bundles bottom end. Take two ends of the elongated twine and tap together using the scotch tape. This would enable you to string the wood beads without having to fray the twine in the process. String as many beads as possible as per the twine length but also ensure to leave 1.5 inches short twine atop. Once you complete beading the twine bundle, take off the adhesive, keep the garland aside, and form the second tassel.

For that, take off the twine bundle and start beading an end of the twine through the top of the garland. Tie a knot with the other end in a way it hangs down from the garlands bottom, over both ends of the elongated twine. Wrap around another 18 inches twine atop the second tassel to create the neck. Tie off and remove the loops at the bottom end of the tassel and you are done.

You can use the garland for decoration purposes or as a fashion accessory as per your wish. Pro tip: Applying a coat of your preferred color paint would amp up the look and feel of the wooden bead garland.

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