How to Make a Wooden Birthday Signboard

We all have a long list of birthdays to remember and no matter how hard we try to keep track of these dates, we often end up forgetting some. So, you might be setting up birthday alerts on your smartphone and trying other methods to remember these days. However, if you have time and you know a bit about wood crafting, then you should consider making a wooden birthday signboard.

A wooden board will ensure that you do not miss a birthday or any event. Unfortunately, several people who are new to the world of wood craft have no clue on how to make a wooden birthday calendar. If you are one among them, then below are the simple instructions to design a wooden birthday signboard.>

What you Need

A piece of wood

Small wooden discs

Eye pin findings



A paint pen



You can select any type of wood that you please and cut it into the desired dimension. Else, you can buy a wooden board and some wooden discs from a wood craft supplies store. Besides that, decide if you want to stick with a couple of colors or use several different colors. It is best to use several colors, as it will make the wooden birthday signboard a lot more elegant and attractive to visitors. In the case of letters, you can use either stencils or vinyl letters.

Steps to Make a Wooden Birthday Signboard

You will initially need to spray paint the wooden piece with your preferred color and then put the vinyl letters right on top for the birth dates.

Once you have done that, lay out the months. It is best to denote the months by their initial letters, as it will keep your wooden birthday calendar a lot more simple.

Use a paint pen to write the names of your family members and then add the date of their birthdays alongside their name on the wooden discs.

You will now need to use the eye pins and place them right below the corresponding months. For instance, if the name of one of your family members is Emma and she was born on February 21, then you will need to put the disc with her name and birth date under Frsquo.

Add hooks to the back of the wooden board and fill the signboard with the birthdays of other members of your family.