How to Make your Own Wooden Baby Gym

Babies are always special and need special attention and care. That is why parents always try to get the best one for them while choosing anything. In that regard, what would be better than making beautiful and custom-made wooden baby gym for your little munchkin!

The task is actually pretty easy as most of the tools like wooden beads, wooden dowels, etc., are readily available at wood craft supplies stores. Below is how to make your own baby gym at home.

Items Required

Wooden dowels of 3/4″ x 36″ longPine board

Wood rings

Leather lace

Wooden beads

Miter box

Table saw


Belt sander 


Wood glue

Power planer

After you have got all the said wood craft items, follow the below instructions carefully to make a customized gym for your baby.

Step 1

First, make a design for your baby gym and keep all the given items at an accessible distance. Now decide the size of the gym and mark it on the wooden board.

Step 2

Cut the board in width to make the perfect legs to hold the baby gym. You can use your table saw to cut the wood well. Similarly, cut the wooden board and dowels in length using a miter box.

Do not forget to clean the table saw marks after cutting the wood. You can use either planer or sandpaper for this. Softening the edges is also good for the safety of your little one.

Step 3

Mark the edge of the legs by using a circle template in order to round them efficiently. After this, mark the place on the legs where you want to fit your dowel balls.

Drill the holes for it and make sure to drill it through the two legs equally. Once you are done, make your dowels fit snugly into the holes. You can do further adjustments if needed.

Step 4

Use a belt sander and round over the edges of the legs perfectly. Additionally, soften all the pieces well using sandpaper; otherwise, the rough wood might hurt your baby.

Step 5

Fit the legs into the dowel and hang all the beads, dowels, small toys, etc., on the upper leg beautifully. Make sure to use soft and lightweight things only.

Step 6

Use glue and clamps to fit the legs into the dowel perfectly. Let it dry, and after that, remove the clamps. Now, take the drill and put holes in all 4 legs to fit the leather lace and tie them well keeping the legs apart. This will give extra support to the legs.

Step 7

Use a good wood paint or wood coat to make the gym look better and softer and let it dry for a couple of hours. Thats it your cute baby gym is ready!

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