How to Revamp Vintage Wooden Furniture at Home

Revamping the furniture at home is a process that you can do on your own with time in hand and proper planning. Depending on how long you plan to use the furniture, the revamp may take some time and incur pre-planning and preps.

As a first step, scrap and sand the wood, so that you can paint or stain the furniture subsequently. If your furniture has unspotted residue, then you can use a solvent-based paint stripper and a scraper to remove the layers of finish on wood. Most people revamp their furniture made of wood with subtle refinishes applied on the wood.

Once you are done with scrapping, clean the wood with mineral spirits to clean the leftover residue and clean the surface underneath the furniture with a rag. Once you are done with preps, smooth out the furniture with a sanding tool, and then apply new layers of finish on wood. Since the furniture has extensive woodwork, you may need advanced tools for sanding the wood. Moreover, note that sanding may create dust and/or pigmented spills so use rags to keep the area neat and clean as well as to protect the work surface underneath.

Paint or stain can be used as the first layer of wood. You can use any shade of your preference when using paint or stain to revamp the furniture made of wood. When you stain the wood, choose an ideal shade that gels well with the color of the wood. If you are planning to use an opaque paint, choose a neutral color from a top brand. When staining, apply the shade in the direction of wood grain, instead of going across it.

Most people tend to keep the wooden furniture in the work area adjacent to other furniture and that may lead to gradual wear and tear. Add a protective coating as well to keep the new finish on the wooden furniture in top condition for the years to come. Besides, revamp the drawer pulls as well if they are broken.

Even if you have the drawer pulls on the wooden furniture, you may need the right wood craft supplies for the revamp. As you are revamping the furniture at home, why not use wood craft supplies such as drawer pulls, hinges, and knobs to get a perfect revamp.

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