How to Stain or Paint Wooden Dowels at Home

You may know that multiples of wooden dowels will form the crux for the shelf of wooden furniture at home. However, the dowel can also form the structure of homes having a Southwestern design. This crisscrossing design will be carried out throughout the home’s structure, and all the way to the projected beams extending from under the roof.

Laying a finish on all types of wooden products at home, right in the beginning will protect the wooden structure from wear and tear which may occur after long periods of in habitance. To paint the dowels, lay them perpendicularly across two sawhorses first and fill a 1 qt. spray gun with a paint of your choice. Then hold the gun having a paint tip 8 inches from the dowels at a 30-degree angle.

Sweep the gun over the dowels just as you may spray paint on them and stop when you are done. Wait for about half an hour approximately for the paint to dry up. Then turn the dowels by one-quarter and lay spray again. Wait for half an hour again and make two more passes until you spray the crisscrossing wooden dowel four times over.

Dowels at home may be of any length or diameter and tend to be light in color. Where some may be plain shaped, others may have spiral cuts. Anyhow, to stain wooden dowels in lots, you can spray stain on them all at once. For starters, place the dowels parallel to each other across two sawhorses and fill a 1 qt. spray gun with the stain of your choice. Hold the gun having stain tip 8 inches from the dowel and take the sweep over the dowel.

Repeat the same on the dowels by turning each dowel to a visible angle and continue the work until the framework gets fully stained. Once you are done with staining the wooden dowels, do not forget to wipe them off with a soft cloth. To refinish, you could use a spray gun having a stain tip or a paint tip based on your requirements.