Making Peg Dolls from Wooden Doll Pins

If you are in search of ideas to keep your kids entertained, then you have reached the right place. The wood peg dolls ideas shared below can be the perfect wood craft project for the holidays. With their cute faces and fancy skirts, your children are definitely going to love peg dolls.

Wooden doll pin or cloth pin with a round top

Clear nail polish

Permanent marker with fine point

Cupcake liners

Scissors, craft glue, and adhesive tape


Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on the head of the doll pin. This would help to prevent the bleeding of the ink into the grain of the wood while drawing the face with the marker. Make sure that the nail polish is dried completely before proceeding further.

On a paper, practice the way you are planning to draw the face and hair. When you are confident enough, you can draw the face and hair on the doll pin. You can use the permanent marker to draw all the facial features and the paint marker to draw the hair. When done, give some time for the paint to dry.

If you are planning to have a doll with a necklace, you will need to trim a string of fused pearls so that it fits around the neck of the doll pin perfectly. Add glue to the area, place the beads, and clamp the ends at the backside of the doll pin. Let the glue to dry completely before you proceed.

Fold a cupcake liner and make a small slit in the middle. Open the liner and slide it on to the doll pin in the shape of a skirt. Fold the outer ends of the liner for them to overlap at the backside of the doll pin.

Secure the skirt with a label or piece of tape or with glue. After that, you can use a piece of ribbon to tie around and hold the skirt of the doll in place.

You may place a loop of chenille stick at the backside of the neck of the doll pin and glue it. After the glue is dried, you can bend and shape the chenille stick to form the arms of the doll. You can also use wooden dowels in place of chenille sticks to form arms of the doll.

You can tuck some flowers into the arms of the doll and stick a small gem on one side of the head of the doll.

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