Making Woodcraft Items for Kids with Popsicle Sticks

Children love creating trains with tracks and other items with wooden Popsicle sticks. Such kinds of things make childhood awesome. They are easy to make with certain woodcraft supplies, and will keep parents engaged with their little ones. In fact, it can make your kids high performing with regards to motor skills, emotional intelligence, and even imbibe patience in them. Below is how to make a couple of woodcraft items for kids with Popsicle sticks.

Train with Tracks

Give your kid three wood blocks, a spool, and half a dozen tiny wagon wheels and paint them all. Then cut the chipboard in tiny rectangular shapes to form the trains top; have two squares at the sides as the windows of the train. After the chipboard gets dry, glue the wooden pieces intact like a train track. Moreover, glue cotton tuft on the engine spool to create the smoke effect on the engine.

In order to make the tracks, cut a chipboard strip a touch wider than a mini Popsicle stick. Glue the Popsicle sticks together along that strip along the top with standard-sized craft sticks. To make the woodcraft project more fun to kids, create many sets of train tracks for them to place intact.

Wind Chime

The hanging decorative instrument is great to look at and makes a soft sound when the air breezes past making them move in tandem. Give your kid ten Popsicle sticks and let them paint the sticks in different colors. When done, keep it for a while until the paint dries properly. After that, put a line of wood glue on at least five sticks back. Put a piece of string in between one unglued Popsicle stick and a glued one and clip them intact with a clothespin. Clipping will hold the wood glue securely. Once clipped, let it dry up for a while.

Then, put a line of glue along the sixth craft stick and hang it horizontally on top of the five painted sticks strung together. Tell your kids not to let it hang extremely low; else, the wind chime might get tangled in the wind bust. Top off with another craft stick and add hold the wood glue securely with a clothespin. Once the glue dries, tie together the strings and cut off excess strings. Hang the wind chime outdoors so that wind will work its magic.

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