Mother’s Day Wood + Photo Gifts

Mother’s Day is among us and there is nothing we support more than showing appreciation to the ones we love! 

In this craft we kept it simple but super effective, with photos and flowers and handmade goodness! (I mean, what else can a mom ask for?) You’ll find the process easy to follow, and super exciting to present!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wood Photo Cube
  • Acrylic Paint (we used white, purple, and lavender. Feel free to change it to your liking!)
  • Small Detail Paint Brush
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Flower Bouquet or Potted Plant

Now that you've got your supplies together, lets’ jump right in! 


First things first, remove the glass from your Photo Cube. While the crafting part makes it personal and special, the photos still need to shine through! 


Next you’re going to paint the entire Photo Cube, including the lid, in purple. Let it dry for a few moments. During this time we usually grab a snack, or sing a song. You can choose your own way to pass the “drying-time”!  


Now you’re going to take a small paint brush and dip the back of it into your lavender paint, adding little dots around the cube to be the center of your flowers! Put them wherever you’d like, just keep in mind that you still need to add in the petals! 


You can now flip the brush right-side-up and dip it into your white paint. It’s time for petals! Small and light strokes will be the neatest! 


Here’s the really fun part – once your box is decorated to your liking, you can print out 4 pictures (we like the B&W look for this craft). You’re going to need them to be 3.75” x 3.75” so try to bare that in mind as you’re choosing them. After they’re printed go ahead and pop them into your drying frame!


Add your bouquet for your finished look and then go ahead and present it to mom! She’ll love it! 

Thanks for following along with this easy and beautiful Mother’s Day Photo Cube craft! We would love to see your finished product and (hear all about moms reaction)!

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