3 Factors to Consider when Buying Wooden Toys

There are plenty of wooden toys available in the market, which means that you can easily find the right type of toys for your kids without much effort. However, it is true that you will need to consider more than a few factors before purchasing a product, as it will help you to make a […]

The Whys and Whats of Wood

The Advantages of Purchasing Wooden Tables and Chairs for Kids

Setting up your childrens room requires special care than what is done on other spaces inside the home. The room must offer exceptional comfort and convey a sense of playfulness and vibrancy. Besides the general design of the room interiors and paints, a notable addition that can make a large difference to the functionality of […]

Craft Ideas

Making Wedding Flags with Wooden Dowels

Being creative for your wedding is wonderful and making unique wedding flags can help you make it a wonderful occasion. People can wave the flags for the couple when they walk down the aisle after the ceremony. The wedding fan idea shared below is a quick and easy project.Materials RequiredWedding fan wave sticks or wooden […]

The Whys and Whats of Wood

How to Take Care of your Wooden Serving Bowls

Wooden serving bowls are immensely popular among chefs and cooks because of the convenience and comfort they offer. In addition to that, wooden serving bowls have the unique ability to bring out the vibrant colors of a salad when compared to using any other type of serving bowls.Unfortunately, many people who use wooden serving bowls […]

The Whys and Whats of Wood

The Advantages of Using Plywood in Home Furnishings

While selecting furniture for a home, it is difficult to decide on the material and type of wood. Most of the wooden furniture available now comes in two varieties – solid wood and plywood furniture. Many homeowners and builders prefer plywood furniture in the interiors due to their many advantages. Since its introduction, plywood has […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Woodworking Joints that you Might not Know About

One of the most important and basic concepts in woodworking is wood joinery. If wood crafters did not have the skill and knowledge to join two pieces of wooden blocks, then all the marvelous woodworks we see now would just be sculptures that are carved out from a single piece of wood. However, the number […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Tips to Prevent Wood Splitting while Making Joints with Screws

Wooden screws can be a very effective way to join wood. However, you need to be careful while screwing in, so that the wood does not split. If the boards are narrow, the wood is very dry, or if you screw too near to the edges, the displacement of the wooden screw can force the […]

Craft Ideas

Easy Ways to Make Toys Out of Wood Blocks

Many of us like to gift wooden toys, as they are very reliable and sturdy. In addition, if the toys are made from untreated wood, it will have a pleasant smell and will provide a good surface for painting, which can be enjoyable to the child. However, you will need a workshop or at least […]

The Whys and Whats of Wood

3 Reasons Why Wooden Cutting Boards are Better than Plastic

A cutting board is an important tool needed in every kitchen. It serves the function of a stable base for cutting vegetables and fruits before they are cooked. Yet when choosing a cutting board, most people underestimate the role they play in preparing a healthy meal and the aesthetic value to the kitchen. Hence, they […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

How to Reinforce Plywood Joinery Using Dowel Jig and Edge Banding

Woodworkers use many techniques to lay a finish on the exposed trim edges on plywood. An easy method to try in minor woodworking projects at home is to conceal the plywood edges with an edge banding. This wood veneer shall be made into a flexible heat adhesive tape sized to fit in with a ¾-inch […]