Repurposing Ideas for Using Wooden Cubes in Homes

Photo Holder

You might have never thought that those unused wooden cubes are best at holding your favorite photos in the cabinets. Some repurposing work is required for modifying the cube as a photo holder though, such as drilling a hole and putting a wire piece that will actually hold the picture. By altering the shape at the end of the wire like a hook, you can keep any of your favorite photos. Besides, the cube can be personalized by covering it with glittering craft papers and inscribing your name on it.

Christmas Ornaments

There is nothing more useful for decorating a Christmas tree in your home than a wooden cube. They are substitutes for the commonly used round Christmas ornaments. By hanging these cubes in various parts of the tree, you can actually get rid of the traditional ways of decorating and come up with something new. You can paint the wood blocks in a color of your liking and paste your photos or family portraits for personalizing the Christmas tree.

Gift Items

Wooden cubes serve as the ideal gift items that you can give to your neighbors and close friends. Simply wrapping them in gift paper and tying a ribbon around will make it resemble a cute little-packed gift. Besides, you can make as many as these little wooden cubes and give them as gifts. Placing them together in the showcase or cabinet will surely add to the beauty of the home.

Photo Puzzle

The other useful repurposing idea for wooden cubes is that you can actually make photo puzzles out of them, which will be a great toy for your kids. All you need to do is paint or paste the different parts of the picture on the cubes. By arranging the cubes in different configurations, you can complete the photo puzzle to reconstruct the original picture.

Decorative Blocks

Stacking together different wooden blocks is a great way to make something creative and attractive for displaying in the living rooms of your home. You can paint the blocks or cover them with gift papers of different colors. Besides, writing or drawing on the sides of the cubes with some random quotes or patterns will make it more attractive.

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