Things you Can Make with Wooden Beads

Wooden beads have become a very popular material in jewelry making. These beads were once overlooked, as their potential in jewelry craft was not understood, but now, many of the wood craft enthusiasts are using wood beads in jewelry making.

Savvy woodcrafters understand the untapped potential of wooden beads, and so, they have grown into one of the most sought after materials in jewelry and accessory making. Wood beads are widely available at reasonable prices and owing to their versatility, the demand for wood beads has increased worldwide. Below are a few things you can make with wooden beads.

Friendship Bands

As wood beads are available in varying sizes and shapes, they can be used to make necklaces and bracelets among many other things. A friendship band is an interesting item that you can make with wooden beads. Making friendship bands with your friends will offer you chances to bond further and spend quality time with your friends. You can make use of an elastic cord or a simple string to make friendship bands and bracelets with wood beads.

Hair Accessories

Wood beads can also be used as beautiful hair accessories. They can be used in braids, at the beginning or the end, to offer a unique hairdo. As these beads are available in varying sizes and shapes, they can be efficiently used to accentuate various hairstyles. You may also use wooden beads of varied colors in braids to have your own unique hairstyle.

Light Pulls

This is another simple, yet great thing, which you can make with wood beads. You can use many wooden beads or a single bead instead of the ordinary bauble at the end of light pull string. Using wood beads will offer more grip and easier pulling, and can help to increase the life of the switch as well. They can also be used in pulls of fans. Obviously, using wood craft beads would make these pulls much more attractive and trendy.

You can buy plain wooden beads and paint them in your desired colors to make your wood craft project more attractive and colorful. For the first time painters, bigger beads can be the best option as they will be easier to paint when compared to the smaller ones. In fact, painting beads can be a great fun activity for children, and can be enjoyed with family and friends too.