Repurposing Wooden Thread Spools to Create Decorative Craft Items

Wooden spools serve the purpose of holding different kinds of threads to large cables. They are most commonly used for coiling threads used for sewing, embroidery, and other crafts. Most people do not realize the value of these spools besides holding threads and simply dispose of after they are out of use. However, a lot more is possible with empty wooden thread spools such as using them to make a variety of craft items intended to decorate homes. Besides, repurposing them can serve other functions such as making educational toys for children. Below are some ways to repurpose wooden thread spools to make decorative craft items.

Toy Pedestals

Most of the children’s toys tend to be figurines of their favorite fictional or movie characters. Simply keeping them in the showcase does not exhibit any specific charm in their appearance. However, placing them atop a wooden thread spool will increase their presence and appearance considerably.

The flat surfaces of the spools will provide good support to the figurines. You can also consider painting the wood spool to the color matching the figures to create more appeal.

Toy Making

Wooden spools considering their shape are ideal for making a range of toys from simple collectibles to model cars. Attaching a wooden sphere at the top and legs at the bottom can transform the spool into a figure resembling a human or animal. More decorations can be done on the spools in order to make them more appealing for children to play with. Besides, wooden thread spools can also serve as the set of wheels in a toy car.

Flower Vase

The shape of thread spools makes them perfect for use as a vase for holding plastic flowers. Insert the base of the flower into the hole on the spool, which can then be kept on any flat surface inside the home. Consider wrapping different colored threads or apply paint to further beautify the spool.

Charms and Key Chains

Wooden thread spools are ideal for making any kind of charms or key chains. For this, attach them to a chain or key hook and attach little figures to it to make the keychain more attractive. Paint them using any color and tie a ribbon for creating a cute little charm that can be displayed in showcases in homes.


Wooden thread spools can be repurposed to serve the purpose of a curtain. Hanging large numbers of wooden spools from threads attached to the top of a door or window frame will make a unique type of curtain. Painting them with different colors will add up to the appeal.

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