Tips to Make a Beautiful Cedar Treasure Chest

Wood is always in vogue; its rustic look will give a special character to the product. Further, they do not cause any kind of pollution and are economical as well. You can make many useful things using wood. One such clever woodcraft idea is to make a cedar treasure chest in which you can keep all your treasured possessions safely. In fact, you can complete this work within few hours. Below are the items required and the steps to follow for making a beautiful wooden chest.

Items Required

Chisel and Mallet


Table saw

Drill Press




Treasures to fill in

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Rip the Lid and Mark the Template

Take a 4 x 4 piece of cedar wood, and cut a half inch out of it using the table saw to make the lid. Further, mark the other wooden block where you want to dig the hole to keep your assets. Now, measure half inch each from the sides and 1 inch from each end to make a properly sized template.

Step 2: Hollow Out the Box

Use the drill press and a 1½-inch Forstner bit to hollow out the box. Always try to dig as deep as possible, but making sure to keep a 1-inch thickness from the bottom as well. It will be easier if you start working all the way from the corners to the middle of the box.

Step 3: Chisel the Box Out

Next step is to chisel out the box and make the wall of the wooden block flush. It is better to use sharper chisels for better finishing. Work the edges slowly and patiently, and make the bottom of the box cleanse better so that it sits well.

Step 4: Insert the Bottom and Side Walls

Cut the wooden pieces that fit perfectly into the bottom and sides of your wooden box and fit in. Do not forget to leave 1/8th of an inch slat, so that the top can slide in easily. Hold the pieces using nails; glue it and let it dry. If you want, you can elevate the box using spacers to make it more attractive.

Step 5: Fit in the Top Lid

Cut down a piece of wood that exactly snug into your box and use sandpaper to smooth out the edges so that it fits in well. Further, use glue and nails to hold it in place and to provide it an extra strength. Finally, smooth out the box using sandpaper and stain the chest if you want.

Ultimately, fill in the box with your valued possessions and keep it somewhere safe.