Types of Hardwoods Used for Turning Wood Spindles

Woodturning is an important part of the making of wood spindles. It is the process of shaping the wood using mechanized or handheld tools along the symmetry of the axis of the spindle.

Spindles are carved from wood in a variety of shapes ranging from simple to complex. Wood spindles are commonly used in most homes due to their aesthetical value and durability, and there are different types of hardwoods available used for turning wood spindles. Usually, these woods are selected based on their flexibility in the shaping process and their refinement upon turning. Below are the types of hardwoods used for turning wood spindles.


Ash is one of the most commonly used woods to make spindles. It is suitable for turning due to its properties like durability and resistance. Ash wood responds well to the chipping and trimming using hand or mechanized tools, and hence, it is easier to create complex shapes upon turning. Besides spindles, Ash wood is also used for turning baseball bats.


Beech is a hardwood known for its plain features as it lacks a grain pattern and properties found in most other hardwoods. Irrespective of these important features, Beech is commonly used for turning wood spindles. The plain nature of Beech wood is easy to carve into definite shapes using tools. Besides, its absence of grains has made it preferable for making spindles with a simple design.


Rosewood is another hardwood used for turning wood spindles and other materials. They are ideal for spindles due to their distinctive color, patterns, and texture. It is best used in segmented woodturning because it can better adapt into different shapes when used with the appropriate tools. Rosewood is also a highly durable wood and is ideal for woodturning of any kind.


Ebony is yet another hardwood used for turning in wood spindles. There are different species of Ebony wood that varies in the color such as dark brown, deep brown, and jet-black. The deeper colors and patterns of Ebony make it perfect for use in segmented woodturning. Using this for spindles will provide a perfect contrast to the rest of the segment of the stairs.


Hickory is known as one of the toughest hardwoods due to their highly durable properties. This hardness of Hickory makes it ideal for use in woodturning for making spindles. Woodturning can be done on Hickory wood using sharp tools and is easy to grain for carving out specific shapes.