Making Wedding Flags with Wooden Dowels

Being creative for your wedding is wonderful and making unique wedding flags can help you make it a wonderful occasion. People can wave the flags for the couple when they walk down the aisle after the ceremony. The wedding fan idea shared below is a quick and easy project.

Materials Required

Wedding fan wave sticks or wooden dowels. If you prefer dowels, you can use 1/8” diameter dowels

Construction paper. You can use sun faded and old construction paper in warm tones that can go well with the color scheme of your wedding

Sewing machine with a zipper foot

Craft glue


If you use wooden dowels, you need to cut them to the desired length. If you are planning to have 200 flags for the ceremony, you can buy fifty wooden dowels that are thirty-six inches long. Cut the dowels into nine-inch lengths to have 200 flagpoles. If you are using wedding fan wave sticks, you do not have to cut them, as they will be available in preset size. You just need to focus on the numbers, while using wedding fan wave sticks.

The second step is to layout the design. You can organize the page to two columns of three boxes. This will let you have six flags per sheet. Make sure that the text is inside the box, as it can make cutting easier for you. After that, you can write your text inside the box. You can have another page at the back of the flag, with your names and the wedding date. You can then carefully cut the pages using a paper cutter.

The next thing is to set up the sewing machine, glue, dowels, and paper flags in front of you. Take a wood dowel and a flag and place the flag at the top edge of the dowel. Curl the edges of the flag around the wooden dowel with your thumbs. Make sure to leave 0.5 inch past the dowel. This will provide you enough room to sew.

Put craft glue on the dowel and place the dowel in the fold that you made. After that, place the flag on the sewing machine with a zipper foot and sew along the edge of the dowel. When you have sewed along the length of the flag, you can trim the threads near to the paper. Thats it  your custom-made wedding flag is ready!

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