What to do with Leftover Wood Beads – 9 Samples, 29 ideas

By: Chaya

Personally, my favorite wooden beads activity is digging my hands into a boxful and letting them run between my fingers. But sensory stimulation aside, beads are lovely in so many projects.

Here are 29 cool projects that Woodpeckers customers have made with our unfinished beads.

Feast your craft-hungry eyes, and then save this blog in a handy spot. You’ll never have to wonder what to do with your wooden beads.

Home Decor:

Why beads for home decor?

Here’s my take: they are simple, versatile, and whatever you make with them lends handmade character to your home.

  • Wood Beaded Garland

If you don’t yet have a garland on your decorative shelves, that’s a serious problem you should address immediately then it’s definitely the bead project to start with! They are easy to make, easy to customize, and so appealing.

(Check out this reel for an easy DIY garland.)

If you do already have a garland, I’d like to call for a vote: When your guests or family members get an itch to play with that pretty garland, do you let them touch it? Or is it strictly for looking at?

  • Wood Beaded Macrame

There’s a fine line between “arts” and “crafts”, but macrame is unequivocally on the “arts” side. We, the Woodpeckers artists and crafters, salute all you talented macrame makers. Our wooden beads would be absolutely honored to be a part of your art. 

Planning your next masterpiece? Here’s a helpful link to our dowel rods and rings. And Here is a collection of my favorite macrame ideas

  • Wood Beaded Carrots

This is just the thing for spring. Bright, whimsical, and uncomplicated.

  • Wood Beaded Curtain Tie

Delicate artistic souls are allergic to anything practical, unless it is mixed with pretty.

That’s why curtain ties need to be pretty. And that’s why you should make one – with wooden beads of course.

More beads craft home decor ideas

…from the Woodpeckers gallery

  • Mirror frame
  • Candle holder
  • Hanging planters
  • Lampshade
  • Door knob hanger
  • Wall hanging
  • Towel holder
  • Charger
  • Pendant light
  • Light pulls
  • Farmhouse pumpkin

At Woodpeckers, crafting is way more than a business. We get excited about original ways that people use our products, and we love to feature your photos!



Use wooden beads for jewelry making…


…When you are in the mood for clunky funky spunkiness (go with the chunky beads!)

…Cuz you need a necklace that matches every outfit (that’s why we sell unfinished)

…If you like making jewelry even more than you like wearing it (so gift it!)

Our top picks

  • Wood Bead Ornaments

Beading an ornament takes your decor to the next level. I’ve wire and beads turned into stars, circles, or just plain “bead-strip” ornaments.

  • Keychains

Not that I’m making any assumptions. But in case you ever occasionally misplace your keys, this one’s for you. Because it’s a lot harder to lose a chunky beaded keychain than a lone key. And with a chunky beaded keychain, nobody’ll ever accidentally swap keys with you. (Which happens. I speak from experience.)

  • Doll heads

Why use beads for doll heads?

1) they’re cute. 2) they can be strung. 3) you can add a little hat on the top hole 4) you can pop the bottom hole on a “neck” 5) did I mention they’re cute?

And, speaking of wooden doll heads, here’s another nifty thing we’ve done with dolls and heads.

More beads craft Jewelry/ornament ideas 

…from the Woodpeckers gallery

  • Pacifier clip
  • Hairstyles

Useful Uses

If you haven’t yet been tempted to buy more wooden beads than you’ll ever use in a lifetime, you obviously skipped the beginning of this blog. 

But there are STILL MORE wonderful ways to benefit from your beads

Our top pick

  • Embellishments

When you’ve got a wooden project that’s looking great, but it needs a liiiiiiiitle extra something, try using a wooden bead as the (literal and figurative) cherry on the top!

More beads craft ideas 

…from the Woodpeckers gallery

  • Games
  • Abacus
  • Trivets
  • Swings

Bonus: The Woodpeckers team used wooden beads for this unique & beautiful summer craft. 

Find your favorite beads…

3/4″ Ball Bead, 3/16″ Hole


1/2″ Ball Bead


1″ Ball Bead, 3/16″ Hole


5/8″ Ball Bead, 3/16″ Hole


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