Wooden Baby Toys

Are wooden toys

Wooden toys are
void of BPA and PVC, two chemicals commonly found in plastic toys. Wooden rings/loops and wooden beads are often used to make baby teethers because they are natural and
free of chemicals found in plastic.

When making
your own wooden toys make sure it is well sanded to avoid splinters. To finish
them use a food safe wood finish like mineral oil.

Why are wooden toys
better than plastic toys?

Wooden toys are
made from a sustainable resource making it much more eco-friendly then plastic
toys. Wooden toys are biodegradable and can be recycled. Their natural coloring
as opposed to the bright colors of plastic toys are much more soothing for your
child. By giving your child simple toys it allows for their imagination to
stretch and encourages them to explore. A set of peg dolls can be used as a
family, class, community helpers as well as mathematic manipulatives.

Another great thing
about wooden toys is wood is naturally antibacterial. Wood has a porous surface
which absorbs the bacteria and moisture from the surface causing the bacteria
to ultimately die, unlike plastic which causes the bacteria to multiply.

How can I disinfect
wooden toys?

Wipe down with a
mixture of water, vinegar and a natural dish soap. Never soak wooden toys in
water as it will cause it to expand and change shape.

What type of wood
should I use when making my own baby toys?

Hardwoods have a higher density making for less
wear and tear as well as less likely to splinter. Some great options are maple,
birch, oak, beech, walnut, poplar, and ash. Although hardwood is more
expensive it is well worth the money for the safety and quality that can last

Woodpeckers crafts
sells a large variety of hardwood parts that are great for creating your own
toys. We sell wooden blocks from birch in various sizes, which are great for teaching
hand eye coordination. We also carry birch peg dollssquare dowels from poplar
and more, making Woodpeckers crafts a great starting point for your DIY baby

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