Cognitive Benefits of Wooden Toys and Wood Blocks for Children

Wooden building blocks make the childhood awesome. Puzzle building blocks involve strategically solving jigsaws and completing missing pieces in a puzzle with the hands. In the process, children develop motor, cognitive, as well as emotional skills.

Building blocks are a companion of your child’s growth. They also assist in the development of your child’s physical and mental capabilities with increasing playtime. Below is how wooden toys and wood blocks augment the cognitive growth in children.

The Motor Skills

Finely crafted building blocks call upon due practice from your child’s part. This is why the most popular and preferred building blocks are made of wood. Children arrange the wood blocks and form the missing pieces in a jigsaw of a train track set in a way they can. Building block sets will make your children to become more physically agile and fresh with constant interaction and movement.

The Growing Concentration

Learning the skill to analyze and creating a ploy to solve puzzles is an essential skill, which comes with patience. The sooner the child inherits patience, the easier he/she will beat all the puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are great wooden toys and they will make your children overcome the simple, yet, complicated tasks that require much concentration.

The Skills of Mathematical Logic

Building blocks can be quite instrumental in helping your children understand the logic of mathematics. For instance, if one wall of a house is four blocks high, and the other five blocks, it will be tough to lay the roof on the top. With due practice, however, your child will understand that both walls will require an even number of wood blocks to lay the roof on top without falling down.

Playing around with wooden toys will bring your children together with friends and thereby will help them become mature adults as they grow up. Starting with how to share and take turns while forming a tea set, to imaginatively playing with wooden figures, there are different types of wooden toys available for play.