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Wooden Wreath Chandelier Craft

If you’re a natural fiber paper + natural wood combo lover, this one’s for you!
In an exciting collaboration with Lia Griffith, you can follow along as she expertly teaches you how to use our 13”, and 10 ½” Wooden Wreath Forms to craft the most stunning chandelier to hang in your home!


DIY Easter Wreath Craft Idea that’s Beautiful, Unique & EASY

Renewing an old sample craft
Back in the infancy of Woodpeckers, my job sometimes included designing samples, and crafting them, and taking photos of them with my home camera. This lovely wreath idea was born in those good old-fashioned days 🙂

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Can you mix modern or boho decor with farmhouse?

Warm, cozy, relaxing, and simple are just a few words that
describe farmhouse décor. It is reminiscent of a simpler time. When people used
to hear “farmhouse”, they thought more of country kitsch, knick-knacks like cow
bells and dried greenery. Thanks to Joanna Gains from “Fixer Upper”, it has
gained wide popularity and has become many people’s chosen style. […]

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Painting a Wooden Doorknob

Wooden doorknobs are immensely popular among homeowners, as they are highly durable, efficient, and available at a cheaper price. The number of benefits wooden doorknobs offer over other types of wood doorknobs has urged several customers to use the former at their home.It is significant to note that wooden doorknobs make it very easy for you to […]

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Best Ways to Use Wooden Yard Decorations at Home

Decorating the yard is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home. Using wood pieces like cutouts, lumber, or logs are perfect for decorating the yard around the home. All it takes is that you rely on expert landscaping for properly positioning the wood yard decorations.You have a great amount of choice for […]

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Types and Benefits of Lazy Susan

Many of us may have a Lazy Susan in our homes. It is the small rotating tray that sits in the middle of the dining table and rotates so that each person is able to reach what he or she wants easily. You may also find Lazy Susan on corner cupboards as it can make it […]

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5 Creative Uses of Wooden Cutting Board

Wood is a basic material and is available in plenty that it is constantly reinvented by artists and carpenters. Owing to this, there are many wooden crafts and structures, which are used in our day-to-day lives for routine activities as well as for aesthetic purposes.A wooden cutting board is a beautiful wooden craft that most […]

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3 Ways to Use Wooden Finials for Decorating Homes

Wooden finials are mostly used for the purpose of decoration in curtain rods, bedposts, and handrails of staircases. They mostly aid in enhancing their appearance but also have some functional properties such as a stopper in curtain rods and a grip in case of handrails. Finials are made from quality wood having rich texture and […]

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How to Revamp Vintage Wooden Furniture at Home

Revamping the furniture at home is a process that you can do on your own with time in hand and proper planning. Depending on how long you plan to use the furniture, the revamp may take some time and incur pre-planning and preps.As a first step, scrap and sand the wood, so that you can […]

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Home Decoration Tips to Try Out With Bean Pot Candle Holders

Bean pot candle cup is a type of wood candle holders used at home. Bean pot candle cup made of wood has a rustic feel – in fact, some have decorations on top that add to their appeal. Although these wooden candle holders are used to hold tea lights by modern homeowners, you can also […]