Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas

Wooden Wreath Chandelier Craft

If you’re a natural fiber paper + natural wood combo lover, this one’s for you!
In an exciting collaboration with Lia Griffith, you can follow along as she expertly teaches you how to use our 13”, and 10 ½” Wooden Wreath Forms to craft the most stunning chandelier to hang in your home!

Craft Ideas

Easter Egg & Dried Floral Centerpiece with Woodpeckers Crafts

Spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner! Today I have a really sweet and unexpected take on a classic Easter tablescape. I am combining several of Woodpeckers Crafts amazing wooden products to create a charming, miniature centerpiece that is perfect for Spring: Easter Egg & Dried Floral Centerpiece.

Craft Ideas

DIY Spring Wood Egg Garland

Hey crafty friends!! Do I have a treat for you today!! I have teamed up with my friends at Woodpeckers Crafts to bring you this beautiful spring wood egg garland DIY.

Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day Cookie Wreath with Woodpeckers Crafts

Aside from Christmas, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday to craft for. Not just because my favorite color is pink, but the nature of Valentine’s Day lends itself to adorable handmade gifts and decorations. When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of handcrafted decorations, pink and red color combos, and sweet treats. Today I want to bring you a really charming Valentine’s Day wreath that combines all of those Valentine’s Day elements. I am so excited to partner with Woodpeckers Crafts to bring you a Valentine’s Day Cookie Wreath.

Craft Ideas

10 Valentines Crafts Ideas

Valentine’s Day is on its way, what are you doing to celebrate love?
Crafting you say? Wow! That’s what we were going to say! Great minds…

Craft Ideas

Glass-Like Ornament Craft

For this specific craft I really wanted something with a more rounded look, (like an actual ornament), but alas, working with wood cutouts I don’t have that luxury.

No matter, this is where a crafter’s touch kicks in!

Craft Ideas

What to do with Leftover Wood Beads – 9 Samples, 29 ideas

Personally, my favorite wooden beads activity is digging my hands into a boxful and letting them run between my fingers. But sensory stimulation aside, beads are lovely in so many projects.

Here are 29 cool projects that Woodpeckers customers have made with our unfinished beads.

Craft Ideas

Spooky Castle Craft with Crackle Paint Medium  

Been wondering how to use crackle with acrylic paint? Here’s an easy crackle paint Halloween craft idea for adults.

This castle did not start out as a spooky craft for Halloween.


It was designed to be a pretty, cheerful princess castle. When I took it home along with a stack of other cutouts, I had a definite picture in my head of what it would look like…

Craft Ideas

DIY Vase Craft Using Wooden Rings, Pretty Pottery Style

“Floral decor. Make me floral decor!”
That was the request from a trend-conscious member of our creative team, last time I took home a batch of wooden products to play around with.

I happen to agree that wood and flowers are the perfect pair, (and I loved the results of our floral wreath project) so I said, “Okay Bayla, I will make you floral decor!”