Heart Shaped Cake Stand

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we are definitely having cake! Get your girls together for Galentine’s Day, or your S.O. for a fun little Valentine’s Day brunch, sporting your very own heart-shaped cake stand!

What you’re gonna need:

12″ wooden heart

3″ flagpole finial

4″ circle wooden cutout

Wood glue

How to assemble it:

The first thing you’re going to do is add wood glue to the bottom of your flagpole finial and press it to the center of the circle shape.

Simple enough so far, huh?

Painting time!:

Paint your heart and flagpole finial red, let them dry, and then go in with a second layer if needed. 

Once everything is all set and dry, go in with your gold paint, and paint the middle of your finial, the edge of your circle, and the edge of your heart!

Finish it up:

Now you can add glue to the top of your flagpole finial, and glue it to the back center of your heart shape.


Bake or buy your favorite bunt cake and arrange your lovely party!

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