3 Ways to Use Wooden Finials for Decorating Homes

Wooden finials are mostly used for the purpose of decoration in curtain rods, bedposts, and handrails of staircases. They mostly aid in enhancing their appearance but also have some functional properties such as a stopper in curtain rods and a grip in case of handrails. Finials are made from quality wood having rich texture and pattern. They are also carved out in different shapes ranging from simple to complex that can greatly add up to the aesthetic look of various elements used in the household.

However, wood finials have numerous other uses as well due to their decorative value. They can complement the existing decor of a home to further enhance their appearance. Since they are available designed in different shapes from wood craft supplies it is further easier to install them over any existing décor inside the home. Below are some ways to decorate a home using wood finials.

Decorating Furniture

Wooden finials can be used to create extra decorations for furnishings in a home. For tables, large finials are perfect for using as legs as their wider base offers more support and protects the floor from any scratches due to movement. Finials attached to the top corners of a plain bookcase can greatly add to its appearance. They can also serve as the feet for the bookcases as it can offer more stability. Moreover, one can also use small wood finials and attach it to a board fixed on the wall for hanging coats or umbrellas.

Bathroom Deacutecor

In bathrooms, wooden finials can match well with its various decorative elements. It can serve as a support for the space behind toiletry baskets or towel holders. Using them over conventional screw covers can greatly improve their appearance and the entire bathrooms as well. If the bathroom contains any jars for keeping cotton balls, sterilizing liquid, etc., a wooden finial can act as a sealing cover for keeping them intact. Besides, the finials would also go well with curtain rods installed in a bathroom.

Living Room

The other areas that wood finials find good use in the living room of homes. For a rectangular teapoy, wood finials can be used on the corners to give a new appearance to it. For dining tables, using finials on the center can help improve its overall appearance. When using finials, various elements of the interiors such as color, style, and architecture need to be considered for matching them exactly with the deacutecor.

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