3D Woodcut Luna Moth Artwork

By Lia Griffith

There is something so beautiful about the Luna moth, and it has inspired us to make several versions of crafts using their elegant, detailed forms.

We are excited to partner with our friends at Woodpeckers Crafts, who have made four sizes of our 3D moth design from wood.  You can purchase these pre-cut shapes that slide together to create a three-dimensional look.  There are so many fun ways to use this to decorate your home.

For this woodcut Luna moth artwork, I wanted to add details to the wood shapes for this project and keep it subtle and elegant. I experimented with different ways to add color and found that craft paint or spray paint, then the added details of posca paint markers, gave me many options.

For an added dimension, I placed a vellum paper behind the wings and then brought the moth to life with six tiny lights. placed at the edge of the body.

You can see all of my crafting steps in the downloadable tutorial below, and I encourage you to have fun with this art piece and add your personal touch. 

Please see the link below for the downloadable tutorial:


  • Lia Griffith Wood Luna Moth from Woodpeckers.com
  • Bright Green Spray Paint or Bright Green Craft Paint
  • Posca Paint Markers 3M – White, Lilac & Light Green
  • Vellum Paper
  • Permanent Roller Tape
  • 12×16 Frame
  • Optional: Gold Shimmer Spray Paint & Gold All-Surface Paint
  • Green and Gold Paper Fern Fronds
  • Mini Lights


  • Kai 8″ Scissors or Cutting Machine (to cut vellum)
  • High-Temp Hot Glue Gun

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