DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

What you'll need:

–       7” Watermelon Slice (5 Total)

–       Acrylic Paint (Red, Green, Pink, and White)

–       Foam Paint Brush

–       Paint Brush with round end

–       Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

How to begin:

First things first, grab your foam paintbrush and paint your watermelon slices pink! (Add a second coat if needed.) Then you can go back in with red paint and add a bunch of small line-like strokes.

Next up:

Pull out those last 3 watermelon slices and paint them green! Again, go in with a second coat if needed. Now go in with some white paint and make dots all over those green watermelon slices.

Let's finish this!:

You can now start gluing them together by applying hot glue from the top till about 1 ½ inches down. Apply some pressure after you glue them to make them nice and secure.

Annnnd done! 


Hope you enjoy these projects and can share them with some loved ones for a fun holiday activity!

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